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Monday, October 27, 2014

Equestrian (Horseback-riding) Hijabi Outfits

Do you love horses? Want to compete in horse races? But could never find an outfit that is fit for hijabis? Well we have the solution. We have created outfits that are perfect for when your competing in your horse race and or training.

Riding pants are not flattering. Bright white, snug, high waisted riding pants do only one thing well. Make your butt look big. Even skinny little riding students look silly in these pants. Function over form in riding – what would possess anyone to think the same for fashion?

Hijab Styles

 This style is perfect for competition. With the white harem pants they are tight at the bottom and still loose at the top. For the jacket we have a long black blazer which you can button up to have a tighter fit while riding horse. To go underneath the blazer a long sleeve white shirt, the shirt can be in any of your choosing. As you can see high knee leather boots for walking the horse sometimes there will be rainy days which regular shoes will ruin. To top of this style we have added an Al Amira Hijab which will be warn underneath the helmet of course. But with the 1 piece Al Amira Hijab its modest and perfect for this sport as a hijabi. Along with White or Black Gloves.

2. Ralph Lauren Inspired Hijab Outfit

Inspired by the famous Ralph Lauren Luxury fashion designer. Rock a Ralph Lauren loose long sleeve sweater perfect for horseback riding, apart of there Fall horseback royale collection. With Ralph Lauren Leather boots resembling Steve madden boots. Black Harem pants so you can still be modest but not draw attention. Along with Gold or Black Gloves. In to top of this beautiful look a capster pink and gray hijab to match your long sleeve shirt.

3. Pascal Chevallier Australia Inspired Equestrian Hijab Outfit

Inspired by designer Pascal Chevallier we give you our Equestrian Hijab Inspired outfit. For Hijab you can wear a black and grey capster. With Black leather gloves and harem pants to go with this number one designer look. Since the top in his design is tight we have an alternative to wear a long loose blouse covering it with a long Horsback riding jacket. Followed with Black Coll Hann leather boots perfect for horseback riding competitions.


  1. OH how I wish they still made 'pegged' britches. Similar to the harem pants but designed for riding. They stopped making them in the '70s when the 'ballet tight' style of britches came into fashion.

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