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Friday, October 31, 2014
Modest Halloween Costumes

By Jasmine Roziers

As an adult, Halloween becomes less about candy and more about the costume party aspect. As we get older, costumes in Halloween stores have less and less material to them. Here are some modest Halloween costume ideas to make you look and feel boo-tiful.

Minnie Mouse: The original girl-next-door, Minnie Mouse makes for a cute costume. It is even a great last-minute costume. Add your own flair with DIY ears and a bow. 

Witch: Halloween is known for its great witch folklore. Dress up as the oldest villian in history. All you need is a black dress and a witch hat. To go all out, grab a broom and brush up on costume makeup. 

Robber: This is another easy and last-minute costume. This can be even wore as an outfit (without the mask, obviously). To add a prop, try to get a brown sack and stencil a money sign on it.

Hippie: Think flower child! Try to wear long sleeved bell sleeved tops, palazzo pants, platforms and of course flowers. Extra cute points for the use of a peace sign or feathers.

Scarecrow: This is another great costume for those of us who are last minute with costumes. It is a simple, cute costume that you could wear again in the future (without the straw hat, of course). To add flair to your costume, try getting a straw wig and doing scarecrow makeup. 

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Thursday, October 30, 2014
How to Make the Perfect "Stack"

By Jasmine Roziers

Stacking is so important when it comes to jewelry. No, not piles of necklaces but stacking bracelets. Wrist candy is a cute and fairly subtle to add some icing to your outfit. Here are some super cute ways to stack up on bracelets. Wrist watches are not optional, ladies.

Silver Dreams

Stay Golden

Minimal Classic


Mix and Match your own pieces to create a chic look. 
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Wednesday, October 29, 2014
It's all about the Shoes

By Jasmine Roziers

They say to always put your best foot forward, so why not have a cute shoe on that foot? Shoes are a necessity, so why not step out in style? Here are some different styles of shoes you can experiment with in your wardrobe.

1. Sneakers: When thinking about sneakers, most people think plain athletic wear; however, sneakers can go from workout to casual wear in just a change of an outfit. Sneakers are anything but plain. They come in all different patterns and colors. Try on different pairs to get a feel for which sneakers you prefer.

2. Flats: Flats are extremely versatile. You can wear them with casual wear, professional clothing and you can dress them up. Flats are a comfortable way to stay modest and cute. Try different styles of flats and patterns.

3. Boots: Boots are not just for the winter and fall. You can wear them anytime of year. Boots also are good for casual wear and professional wear. Boots come in different styles such as ankle boots, riding boots, rain boots and more. The options are endless.

4. Sandals: Sandals are an easy way to spice up an outfit. These are more of a spring and summer shoe, but they are still cute and versatile. You can wear casual sandals for an everyday look or dressier sandals for more refine events. Sandals comes in different styles too, so do not be afraid to experiment.

5. Heels:  There is nothing like the sound of clicking heels down a hallway. Heels give women a confidence that no shoes has ever given. Heels can be transferred from day wear to night wear to even formal wear. Heels come in different colors, prints and styles. The possibilities of finding a good heel are endless. Try on some pumps, peep toes or wedges to find that "sole-mate."

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How to Wrap a Hijab

By Monica Vandiver

There are many different ways to wear a hijab. The pictures below show ways to wear a hijab, and the how-to steps of accomplish the style. For different events, the hijab can be dressed up with jewels or dressed down with a plain, dark colored hijab. To fancy up the hijab style, add different-patterned hijabs and layer them so the audience can see them all at once. The pictures below give a good idea of how to wrap hijabs and may give ideas for the next event.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014
Modesty Meets the Workplace

By Jasmine Roziers

Being modest, professional and stylish are not mutually exclusive.Here are some outfits inspired by Pinterest users to give you some ideas on how to be all three. 

1. The model uses contrasting colors in her black dress, black jacket, white pants and white heels to make a statement. She also uses a pale pink hijab to give off a professional look. She accessorizes using a gold necklace and bracelet. She is also modeling a white clutch.

2. The model above is wearing a red hijab, an orange sweater and navy blue palazzo pants. Experimenting with different colors is a way to make a statement. She keeps accessorizes to a minimum with a golden belt and sunglasses. Palazzo pants are a great staple to any wardrobe. They can be used for casual wear and business wear.

3. This model keeps a professional look while experimenting with colors and patterns. She is wearing a checkered white blazer, a black top, black pants, red flats, a red handbag and a cobalt blue hijab. These colors are bold and modern, but still tailored together nicely for a business setting.

4. The model above uses deep colors to create a professional and put together look. She is wearing a black blazer, purple sweater, black maxi, black heels, a black patented bag and a black hijab. The colors are not distracting and create a sleek shape. You do not have to wear pants to work, but you can experiment with maxi skirts.
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Monday, October 27, 2014
Japan to import Halal products from Malaysia

Japan to import Halal products from Malaysia

Japan will import Halal food products from Malaysia in preparation for the thousands of atheletes that will descend upon the country to compete in the 2020 Olympic Games, WAM news agency reported. "The entry of Halal products into Japan is a move to prepare for the Olympic Games to be held in Japan 2020, "Malaysian Agriculture and Agro-Based industries Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob said in statements carried by the Malaysian news agency, Bernama.

"There will be many Muslim athletes who will need Halal food," he explained.
Halal products will make the way into Japan through China and will be marked through Japanese hypermarket giant Aeon's 1800 outlets.

The Malaysian products will be certified Halal by the Department of Islamic Development in the country.

Malaysia will establish a joint committee to oversee the export of the products,

Malaysian Halal products have enjoy a wide market Yaakob said, adding that he has received several inquires within the Middle East from countries such as China, Bahrain, Qatar, and other countries.

For more info see article here
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Nikkah Jewelry

By Monica Vandiver

Whether a hair style incorporates showing hair, or not, head and hair accessories are a great piece to wedding decor. A low-profile hair accessory that has some eye-catching features are sure to make a bride look beautiful.

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Colors Best Suited for Your Skin Tone

By Jasmine Roziers

We all have heard of the terms pale, medium, olive and dark to describe skin tones. There are even more skin colors in between these colors. Some colors work best with certain skin tones. Here are some colors to incorporate into your hijab or wardrobe.

1. If you have more pinker undertones then you most likely have an ivory coloring to you. Some colors that pop against your skin are emerald green, magenta, and baby blues. These colors look even more vibrant and beautiful against your skin. Actress Emma Stone is pictured above wearing an emerald green blazer.

1. If you have olive or tan skin then you are considered a medium. Some colors that look good against your tan are yellow, pinks and metallic golds. These colors truly pop against your glowing skin. Actress, Jessica Alba is wearing a pink maxi skirt. 

3. If you are ebony or dark complected, it is important to keep the color. You do not want to look "washed out". Try to wear red, cobalt blue and a pastel yellow. These colors radiate against your rich skin and do not make you look pale or washed out. Oscar-winning actress, Lupita Nyong'o is wearing a red gown. 

These are not rules meant to always be followed. Fashion rules are meant to experiment with and to break. Do not feel like you can only wear those colors, wear what you are most comfortable in. Most importantly, wear what makes you feel beautiful. 

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19 Facts On The Number 19 In The Holy Quran

I love reading about mathematical and scientific miracles of the Quran. It strengths my Iman, especially if I'm having a selfish 'off' day lol and also reminds me that science and religion are in no way separate like many scientists claim (it's amazing how they try to use Allah (swt) creations to disprove His existence.. Anyway, I came across the significance of the number 19  in the Quran and thought I'd share it, it's quite interesting:

1. The first verse (1:1), known as "Basmalah," consists of 19 letters.

2. The Quran consists of 114 suras, which is ..............19 x 6.

3. The total number of verses in the Quran is 6346, or ....19 x 334.[6234 numbered verses & 112 un-numbered verses (Basmalahs) 6234+112 = 6346] Note that 6+3+4+6 =.......19.

4. The Basmalah occurs 114 times, despite its conspicuous absence from Sura 9 (it occurs twice in Sura 27) & 114= 19x6.

5. From the missing Basmalah of Sura 9 to the extra Basmalah of Sura 27, there are precisely ...............19 suras.

6. It follows that the total of the sura numbers from9 to 27 (9+10+11+12+...+26+27) is 342, or .............19 x 18.

7. his total (342) also equals the number of words between the two Basmalahs of Sura 27, and 342 = ........19 x 18.

8. The famous first revelation (96:1-5) consists of .......19 words.

9. This 19-worded first revelation consists of 76 letters .19 x 4.

10. Sura 96, first in the chronological sequence, consists of ..............19 verses.

11. This first chronological sura is placed atop the last ..19 suras.

12. Sura 96 consists of 304 Arabic letters, and 304 equals .19 x 16.

13. The last revelation (Sura 110) consists of ............19 words.

14. The first verse of the last revelation (110:1) consists of ...........................19 letters.

15. 14 different Arabic letters, form 14 different sets of"Quranic Initials" (such as A.L.M. of 2:1), and prefix 29 suras. These numbers add up to 14+14+29 = 57 = ......19 x 3.

16. The total of the 29 sura numbers where the Quranic Initials occur is 2+3+7+...+50+68 = 822, and 822+14(14 sets of initials) equals 836, or ................. 19 x 44.

17. Between the first initialed sura (Sura 2) and the last initialed sura (Sura 68) there are 38 un-initialed suras 19 x 2.

18. Between the first and last initialed sura there are ....19 sets of alternating "initialed" and "un-initialed" suras.

19. The Quran mentions 30 different numbers: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5,6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 19, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80,99, 100, 200, 300, 1000, 2000, 3000, 5000, 50,000, &100,000. The sum of these numbers is 162146, which equals 19x8534.
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Poem by Imam Shafi

ولما قسـا قلبي وضـاقت مذاهبي
جعلت الرجـاء مني لعفوك سلمــا
تعاظمني ذنبـي فلمـا قرنتــه
بعفوك ربي كان عـفوك أعظمــا
فما زلتَ ذا عفو عن الذنب لم تزل
تـجـود وتعـفو منة وتكرمـــا
فلولاك لـم يصمـد لإبلـيس عابد
فكيف وقد أغوى صفيك أدما
فيا ليت شعــري هل أصير لجنة
أهنـــا؟ وأمـا للسعير فأندما
فإن تنتـقـم مني فلست بآسي
ولو أدخلت روحي بجــرم جهنمـا
فإن تعف عني تعف عـن متمرد
ظلوم غشــوم قاسي القلب مجرما
ويذكر أيام مضت من شبابه
وما كان فيها بالجهالة أجرما
يقيم إذا ما الليل مد ضلامه
على نفسه من شدة الخوف مأتما
يقول حبيبي أنت سؤلي وغايتي
كفى بك للراجين سؤلا و مغنما
الست الذي غذيتني و هديتني
ولازلت منانا علي ومنعما
عسى من له الإحسان يغفر زلتي
ويستر أوزاري وما قد تقدما

Translation into English:
When my heart hardened and my ways narrowed
My hope of your forgiveness towards You was my approach
I greatened my sin, yet when I compare it with your forgiveness
My Lord your forgiveness was greater
Yet, You forgive sins and still
Generously and gracefully bestow and forgive
Were it not for You, no worshipper would withstand Satan
How and he already has lured your chosen Adam
Alas! Would I be lead to paradise then I am a fortunate
Or a remorse to hell I am lead
Indeed not despaired if You avenged me
Or into the core of hell You brought my soul
And if You forgive me, a mutinous You forgive…
A wrongful unfair pitiless criminal…
He remembers the past youth days
And what crimes of ignorance were committed
Then, when the dark spread out
Fearfully he mourns himself
Saying my beloved You are my request and wish
Sufficient You are for the hopeful to ask and gain
Were not You who fed me and guided me?
And still, You give me generously and bless me
May You, to Whom my charity belongs, forgive me my faults,
Pardon my sins and what came before.
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Equestrian (Horseback-riding) Hijabi Outfits

Equestrian (Horseback-riding) Hijabi Outfits

Do you love horses? Want to compete in horse races? But could never find an outfit that is fit for hijabis? Well we have the solution. We have created outfits that are perfect for when your competing in your horse race and or training.

Riding pants are not flattering. Bright white, snug, high waisted riding pants do only one thing well. Make your butt look big. Even skinny little riding students look silly in these pants. Function over form in riding – what would possess anyone to think the same for fashion?

Hijab Styles

 This style is perfect for competition. With the white harem pants they are tight at the bottom and still loose at the top. For the jacket we have a long black blazer which you can button up to have a tighter fit while riding horse. To go underneath the blazer a long sleeve white shirt, the shirt can be in any of your choosing. As you can see high knee leather boots for walking the horse sometimes there will be rainy days which regular shoes will ruin. To top of this style we have added an Al Amira Hijab which will be warn underneath the helmet of course. But with the 1 piece Al Amira Hijab its modest and perfect for this sport as a hijabi. Along with White or Black Gloves.

2. Ralph Lauren Inspired Hijab Outfit

Inspired by the famous Ralph Lauren Luxury fashion designer. Rock a Ralph Lauren loose long sleeve sweater perfect for horseback riding, apart of there Fall horseback royale collection. With Ralph Lauren Leather boots resembling Steve madden boots. Black Harem pants so you can still be modest but not draw attention. Along with Gold or Black Gloves. In to top of this beautiful look a capster pink and gray hijab to match your long sleeve shirt.

3. Pascal Chevallier Australia Inspired Equestrian Hijab Outfit

Inspired by designer Pascal Chevallier we give you our Equestrian Hijab Inspired outfit. For Hijab you can wear a black and grey capster. With Black leather gloves and harem pants to go with this number one designer look. Since the top in his design is tight we have an alternative to wear a long loose blouse covering it with a long Horsback riding jacket. Followed with Black Coll Hann leather boots perfect for horseback riding competitions.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014
Hijabi Beginner: Having Doubts?

Hijabi Beginner: Having Doubts?

When you realize that you should be adhering to the laws of hijab (and if you are practicing Muslimah, you will sooner or later, Insh'Allah), You can suddenly find a million questions and contradictions to prevent you from wearing it and living in the western society or in general why...If you are currently in this predicament, then this video that I found on youtube might make things seem simpler, after all the concept of hijab is a very simple one but it's choosing to follow it that's the obstacle: 


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Styling Your Hijab To Suit Your Face Shape

Styling Your Hijab To Suit Your Face Shape

Usually, the face shape that hair dressers try to achieve with various cuts and styles is the oval shape as this is considered to be the most flattering. As a general rule, people blessed with a naturally oval shape usually suit most hair styles. You’re probably wondering why on earth I’m going on about hair styles and not hijab styles, well, because these rules can be applied to the hijab. First you need to discover the shape of your face:

Using a flexible tape measure, make the following measurements and write down the results:

1. Across your forehead at the widest place, about half way between your eyebrows and your hairline
2. Across your cheeks from the edge of one cheekbone to the edge of the other
3. Around your jawline, between where it’s widest on each side
4. From our top hairline to the tip of your chin

Then compare those numbers.
The most common face shapes are:

Round: Approximately as wide as it is long
Oval: Greater length than width
Long: Length is 1½ times the width
Square: Equally wide at the forehead, cheeks and jaw

Here are some tips and tricks I put together for hijab styles for round, long and square face shapes. I haven't done one for oval because most styles suit this shape, even al amiras.

First, the square with an equally wide forehead, cheeks and jaw:

Next the round face, with rounded cheeks and chin and equally wide as it is long:
 Lastly, tips for the long, thin face where the length is about one and a half times the width:


I hope these help! If you have any face-shape tips, feel free to post them in the comments.
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Nikkah Hair Accessories

By Monica Vandiver

Accessories are an important part to a wedding, especially the hair accessories that all guests can see. Whether it is a simple accessory or an extravagant one, the accessory must be a color that compliments the color scheme. If there is a statement piece that stands out and their is a thought of wearing it on the wedding day, make sure it is a sold, monotone color such as silver or red. Statement pieces and accessories make or break the perfect wedding-day look, so make  sure to pick the perfect accessories to match the perfect look.
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Friday, October 24, 2014
Statement Pieces to Spice up Your Outfit

By Jasmine Roziers

Fashion does not just stop at shirts and pants. Those are important in wearing an outfit, but often times that just is not enough. Here are some statement pieces to add to your wardrobe to give your outfit that kick of spice that it needs.

1. Jewelry: Jewelry adds a little icing and sparkle to any outfit. You can experiment with all types of jewelry. Whether it is simple pearl earrings, stacks of wooden bangles or even a gem-stone ring, it adds some interesting flavor to any style. The model above is sporting two sets of midi-rings. 

2. Bags: Purse are so versatile (and pretty much a way of life for most women). If you carry a lot of possessions on you try a messenger or tote bag. If you're a simple girl who wants to carry as little as possible try a clutch. If you're somewhere in between try a cross-body satchel. Purses can enhance an outfit, so do not be afraid to experiment with bright bags or printed bags. The model above is rocking a tote bag. 

3. Shoes: Shoes Shoes Shoes. They are a girl's best friend. Not only are they a necessity to wear, but they can brighten up any outfit. Shoes do not have to be black,white or brown. They come in different patterns and styles. Try to even experiment with different styles like wedges, ankle boots or even canvas sneakers. The possibilities are endless. The model above is working a pair of printed high tops. 

Next time you wake up in the morning and pick out an outfit to wear, make sure you incorporate some flair into your outfit. 
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Thursday, October 23, 2014
Three Oils you Should be Using on Your Hair

By Jasmine Roziers

Even if a hijab is wore, your hair still has to be kept healthy. The right amount of moisture is always an important factor in keeping those tresses healthy and happy. Oil is a key component in getting that great hair you have always wanted. Here are the top three oils you should be putting in your hair and why.

1. Coconut Oil: Coconut oil is so benefical for your hair. In a serum , it is light and will not weight hair down. It is also great for anti-breaking, which can cause from heat, unhealthy lifestyle, too much manipulation of the hair and more. It can even get rid of that unwanted frizz. The product above is OGX's Coconut Milk Anti-Breakage Serum.

2. Moroccan Oil: Like coconut oil, Moroccan oil helps fight frizz. Moroccan oil also helos strengthen the hair and promote more elasticity. This oil truly promotes healthy hair. The product above is Moroccanoil 's shampoo and conditioner.

3. Olive Oil: Olive oil is not only a healthy alternative for cooking, but for hair as well. It conditions the scalp and leaves hair with a smooth, silky finish. Olive oil also leaves hair moisturized without leaving it greasy and sticky. It can also product hair before the use of high heat. The product above is Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Conditioning Spray Oil.

Healthy hair is always important, even if you are rocking your hijab. You hair should still be healthy, frizz-free and flawless hair.
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Think Red for Nikkah

By Monica Vandiver

Red is a common-color tradition, and it is perfect for a wedding day. Red symbolizes power and love, and in a marriage, those two features are extremely important. Red makeup is classy, and when applied properly and soft-looking, it can make for the dream Nikkah.

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014
Healthy Fall Snacks

By Jasmine Roziers

It is challenging to stay fit and eat healthy during the time of the year when kettle corn, pumpkin pies and cookies are offered at various restaurants and events. Here are five healthy fall snacks to indulge in, instead of caramel apples and other sweets as told by women from Pinterest. 

1. Pumpkin Dip: This dip, in small portions, is a cute and healthy way to incorporate the big fall fruit into a healthy snack. Serve alongside apple slices and vanilla wafers.

2.Baked Apple Chips: To make these sweet treat, cut apples into rings and poor some cinnamon on the top. Bake them in the oven and you have yourself a healthy fall alternative to chips.

3. Toasted Pumpkin Seeds: These seeds are not usually a staple in our diets, but toasting the seeds and some seasoning on the top will make for a fairly quick snack. Also, pumpkin seeds are gluten-free!

4. Mini Pies: Who said you could not indulge on some pie while on a diet? With these mini pies, you can not feel guilty for eating such a sweet treat. 

5. Crock Pot Cinnamon Almonds: Almonds are a good go-to snack. Especially, when you are trying to stay fit, There is a small and sweet twist to these almonds. Adding cinnamon, sugar and brown sugar to these nuts will truly create a savory treat. Make sure to resist the temptation of eating too many!

You can enjoy the atmosphere and snacks in the fall without feeling guilty about the foods you eat. As long as you keep up your healthy lifestyle and eat sweets in moderation, you will survive the unhealthy season. 
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